Thursday, May 27, 2010

STC # SA1-210 - 85 hp STC - for Taylorcraft BC and BC12-D is Finally Available Once Again

Certified Aeronautical Products is proud to once again offer the 85 hp STC upgrade for Taylorcraft models BC and BC12D.

Fully FAA Approved and available FOR SALE, this Supplemental Type Certificate, STC # SA1-210 (formerly known as the Gilberti/Harer STC) allows you to install an 85 horsepower Continental C85-8, C85-8F, C85-12, or C85-12F engine in place of the original 65 horsepower A65 engine.

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  1. After more than 4 months, the FAA has finally updated the STC listing on their website to show C.A.P. as the STC holder. If you wish to see, take a look here...