Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Curtiss Robin C-1

Here at CAP we were blessed to have spent the past two years working on the historic St. Louis Robin 1, a Curtiss Robin model C-1, which was flown in 1929 to set the world's re-fueled endurance record by Dale Jackson and Forrest O'Brine.  Today, we got word that it safely arrived in its shipping container in Costa Rica.  Here are some highlight photos of our time with this special aircraft.

May 2014 - Disassembly crew in Long Island NY.

May 2014 - Disassembly and loading crew in Long Island NY. - Led by Craig Gunder at left.

May 2014 - Loaded in U-Haul and ready for the trip to TX

Summer 2014 - CAP Chief Fabricator Lon Carr borescoping the Challenger engine

Summer 2014 - CAP Chief Mechanic and IA, Randall Green installing the volt-ammeter.
Summer 2014 - Stitchin-N-Stuff upholsterer/detailer Leann Bowden touching up the Robin wheels.

Summer 2014 - Me making Airplane Noises.
October 2014 - Wing Hanging Party at CAP with owner Carlos Macaya and friends from Costa Rica.  

Nov. 2014 - Rolling out for first flight.

Nov. 2014 First flight party - Kelly Mahon, pilot.

Nov. 2014 - First flight in 30 years.

Nov. 2014 - Pilot Kelly Mahon and Mechanic Randall Green going around the patch.

Sep. 2015 - Descending into Parsons KS just before sunset.  Taken from our Taylorcraft on the way to Blakesburg IA

Fantastic Aerial Photo by Gilles Auliard over rural Iowa, taken during the 2015 AAA-APM National Fly-in at Antique Airfield.

Servicing the Curtiss R-600 Challenger at Miami OK on our return trip from Iowa.  Thanks to Joe Champagne for the hangar space and borrowed tools.

Feb. 2016 - Disassembly for shipping to Costa Rica

MArch 1, 2016 - Saying goodbye