1929 Curtiss Robin - Refurbish & Modify Systems after Museum Storage for 30-yrs 
(Spring/Summer 2014)

Curtiss R-600 Challenger Engine partial tear-down/borescope inspection

Oleo Strut Disassembly for upper tube repairs

Machined insert for upper tube repair

Airframe inspections and electrical system installation

Battery Box installation

(1 Qtr 2014)

Here are some current and recent projects that C.A.P. has been working...

DER Approval Paperwork: Piper PA17 Vagabond -Wing Tanks Installation
(Fall 2013) 

One time STC P&W R985 Engine Installation - Consolidated Stinson V-77 Gullwing 
Restored by RARE Aircraft Ltd.
(Summer 2013)

DER paperwork support: 1941 Piper J-3 Cub - Grove Brakes, Shoulder Harness
Restored by Fox Aviation International, Inc.
(Summer 2013)

CAP Manufactured Parts for Boeing 737-900ER Antenna Mod

1936 Waco YKS-7 Fuel Valve Installation Approval Paperwork

1943 Aeronca O-58B (L-3B) Wing Tanks Installation Approval Paperwork
Restored by TXAero Aircraft Services

1946 Commonwealth Skyranger Replacement Stainless Steel Exhaust Design Approval

Myers 200 Fuel Pump Substitution Approval Paperwork

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