Friday, July 30, 2010

Exhaust System Retrofits

Aging exhaust systems can be a source of trouble for small airplanes. If not because the parts are hard to find, but they can be a safety hazard too. You don't want to skimp or neglect the condition of your exhaust systems. CAP has been involved in a number of exhaust system upgrade projects. Here are some reasons to consider making some changes.

Degraded / neglected / leaking old parts can lead to problems with...
  • power loss, heating issues, or other engine problems
  • corrosive hot gases impinging on structure
  • noxious CO (carbon monoxide) can KILL
Improperly performed repairs from years past cause other issues like...
  • poorly fitting parts hard to install / maintain
  • interferences leading to cracks
  • inadequate clearances causing overheating of other components
There are much better materials available now that...
  • last much longer
  • look cleaner
  • are easier to repair
  • perform better
Don't let the challenge of certification scare you away from fixing your exhaust system the right way. Call CAP for help. Watch the next few blog postings for some of our exhaust system success stories:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BEWARE: Water in Fuel Tank Systems

The following information is considered by CAP as basic restoration and maintenance fundamentals for fuel system safety.
The FAA has published a Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) today, to notify airplane owners of the safety hazards associated with water contamination of fuel tank systems on Cessna 150, 170, and 172 airplanes. In this document there are several other documents referenced and inspection suggestions listed that provide essential guidance that is applicable for maintenance and inspection of fuel systems on any small airplane. Note: Although this is a non-mandatory document, the FAA uses the SAIB as a means to notify airplane owners of safety hazards.

We at Certified Aeronautical Products recognize that there are numerous small airplanes including Taylorcrafts and other Antique Airplanes with fuel tank systems of similar design to the Cessna models affected. Therefore, we are recommending that all of the operators of Taylorcraft and other antique airplanes should be aware of these hazards and should review this SAIB document here.

Be Safe!

FAA Airworthiness Concern Sheet

Failure of Main Landing Gear Tie Strut, p/n B-A51
Taylorcraft, all models equipped with landing gear

As noted today on the Taylorcraft Forum, the FAA has issued the attached Airworthiness Concern Sheet regarding a reported failure of the main landing gear tie strut on a Taylorcraft model BC12D. To review this document, click here: copy of FAA-ACS July 26, 2010.

This information is non-mandatory, but is identified by the FAA as a potential safety concern. For more information on the nature and purpose of the ACS process see the following commentary on the AOPA website.

As noted by AOPA this is your chance as an interested party to participate in the safety process for your airplane. You may have relevant information that could influence the FAA in deciding whether or not this should warrant further safety inspection requirements or perhaps result in an airworthiness directive. Be sure to send in your opinions or comments by email to