CAP is in the process of updating its catalog for Fall 2015.  Current prices for some of our more popular items are listed below.

Prices effective October 10, 2015.

001.A) STC for C85 engine upgrade 85 hp $ 450

001.B)  STC for C90 engine upgrade 90 hp $ 475

001.C)  STC for O200Aengine upgrade 100 hp $ 500


002) STC Config A for C85-8 engine upgrade with short engine mount $450

003) STC Config B for C85-12 engine upgrade with long engine mount, basic electrical system, and large baggage, $550

003.B) STC deviations for model 19 equivalent (# 2 + # 3) + Flight Manual and 1500 LB max wt. add $ $250 to base STC cost

004) STC optional maximum weight increase to 1280 LB add $150 to base STC cost

009) STC deviation for #1 above except substitute -12 engine add $75 to base STC cost

009.1) STC deviation for # 1 or #2 above except substitute O-200 de-rated to 85 hp.add $250 to base STC cost

028) STC deviation for # 1 or # 2 above except substitute O-200 rated at 100 hp add $450 to base STC cost

017) Add a custom electrical system with starter, battery, and alternator (customer specs) $ 450 (includes battery structural approval)

025) Add a basic electrical system with starter and battery only (CAP specs) $ 350 (includes battery structural approval)

All prices include the drawings, STC approved paperwork, and/or DER approved paperwork in support of Major Alteration via FAA form 337.

We will provide additional catalog updates soon.  Meanwhile, we will continue to honor the Fall 2013 prices for all items not listed above.  
Regards.... C.A.P. management.

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  1. Terry:
    For those interested, be advised that I have a Few of the NEW Continental motors taper shaft hubs (A-65, C-75, C-85). They are certified and released with FAA papers. 480-650-0883