Saturday, March 12, 2011

Beechcraft Model 17 Staggerwing Manuals

This week I am adding some new data to the CAP library. Several Beechcraft model 17 (Staggerwing) and Model 18 (Twin Beech) manuals and technical documents are included. Most of this data was collected by my father (John Bowden) during his extensive restoration of Beechcraft F17D s.n U261, NC297Y.CAP will gladly make copies available at a reasonable cost to assist Staggerwing restorers and owners.

George York/Gerald Webb Beech 17 Notebook
-Beechcraft Sales Brochure & Specifications Model G17S
-Staggerwing Museum Foundation Newsletter, various issues 1974
-Staggerwing Club Membership Roster 7-1-73
Staggerwing Club Membership Roster 7-1-72
-Staggerwing News - various issues 1968-74
-Staggerwing Club Membership Roster 7-1-71
-Staggerwing Club Membership Roster 7-1-70
-Scale Drawings E17, F17,D17 to G17 (4 sheets)-Stabilizer Installation Sketch
-Staggerwing articles, Joe Haynes/George Tregre March 1972

Tech Tips & Engineering Data for Beech Model 17
-Flying a Staggerwing, Rocky Warren/Dub Yarbrough / Jim Gorman
-Serial Numbers and Approximate Dates New Models were started.
-Beechcraft Model 17 Engine Interchangeability
-Resume of Beech Models C17B/L/R; D17R/S; E17B; F17D
-Beech Model's 17 Fuselage (Frame) Dimensions
-Specification Sheets Models B17L through G17S
-Staggerwing Club: Safety and Tech Tips
-Eastern Aircraft Corp. Fuel Ind. System Installation Instructions
-Engineering Report: Flutter and Vibration, Beech Model 17 Series

AN 03-5CC-6 Handbook of Instructions with Parts Catalog Fractional Horsepower Electrical Motors (Dumore)
Feb. 20, 1944, Revised Apr. 20, 1944, Reproduced 1977 (Staggerwing Club)

Beechcraft Staggerwings - Scale Drawings by James M Triggs
from Air Progress Magazine June/July 1964
Includes Models 17R, D17S, & G17S

Various Electrical Wiring Diagrams (Model 17 / UC43)
Also includes C43G (F17D) with Jacobs L6MB

Beechcraft Model G17S Operating Limitations
Includes Model G17S Specification Sheets dated 2/11/46

#1 UC43 (Beech 17) Manuals

-T.O. 01-90-1 dated 6/10/42 Model D17R (C43A,B,C,D,F) Ops / Inspection / Maintenance
-T.O. 01-90-CA-1 dated 11/10/42 Flight Ops Instructions
-T.O. 01-90-CA-2 dated 11/25/42 UC43 Erection & Maintenance
-T.O. 01-90-CA-6 dated 8/18/42 Replacement - Brakes
-T.O. 01-90-CA-7 dated 8/17/42 Cabin Door Emer. Release
-T.O. 01-90-CA-8 dated 12-12-42 Inspect./Mod Control Wheel Shaft

#2 UC43 (Beech 17) Manuals
-T.O. 01-90-CC-1 dated 7/30/43 Pilot's Flight Ops. Instructions
-A.N. 01-90-CC-2 dated 2/10/44
UC43 Erection & Maintenance
-A.N. 01-90-CC-3 dated 2/10/44 UC43 Structural Repair Instructions

#3 UC43 (Beech 17) Manual
-T.O. 01-90-CC-4 dated 9/1/43 Illustrated Parts Catalog

Staggerwing Club and Staggerwing Museum Foundation Newsletters
Semi-continuous collection from 1977 through 1995

Miscellaneous Publications - Beech Model 17
- D17/E17/F17 Series Operating, Inspection, & Maintenance Manual
- D17 Service & Operation Data (Beech document D170039)
A.N. 01-90-CC-3 dated 2/10/44 UC43 Structural Repair Instructions
- Model G17S Maintenance Manual Published Sept. 1946 Beech Aircraft Corp.
T.O. 01-90-CC-1 dated 7/30/43 Pilot's Flight Ops. Instructions
- Beechcraft Model D17S Operating Limitations
T.O. 01-90-CC-1 dated 7/10/44 Pilot's Flight Ops. Instructions
- A.N. 01-90-CC-2 dated 6/20/45 UC43 Erection & Maintenance

Beech 18 (USAF Model C45) Manuals
-T.O. 1C-45H-1 dated 8-15-57 Flight Handbook C45G, TC45G, & C45H
-T.O. 1C-45G-2 dated 1-15-58 Maintenance Instructions
C45G, TC45G, & C45H
-A.N. 01-90-CE-3 dated 4-1-53 Structural Repair Instructions Navy SNB-5 & SNB-5P


  1. Terry,

    For my C45H I want to purchase the flight handbook and the maintenance instruction manuals.
    Thank you
    Alex Mochkovsky Argentina LV-IFE

  2. I sent you a email, so you may contact me, thank you