FAA Approved Data for your 337 may be found in FAA AC 43.13-1B or 2B for simple typical Major Repairs or Major Alteration.  However, sometimes the AC does not cover everything.  C.A.P. can pick up where the AC leaves off... The following FAA-DER Approved Data is available in support of Major Alteration via FAA Form 337 for return to service with your A&P-I.A. sign-off.  

Convienient / Quick / Comprehensive / Professional
Call C.A.P. at 254-715-4773 or email barnstmr@aol.com


Piper PA-15 / PA-17 Vagabond
Conversion to Two 12-gallon Wing Fuel Tanks
Remove Nose fuel tank
Single Fuel Selector Valve

Taylorcraft BC-Series or DC-Series
Conversion to Dual Exhaust (Luscombe 8E-style)
Drawings and DER 8110-3 Approval Paperwork

Typical Simple Major Repair (form 8110-3 in support of 337),

- Primary Structure Splice - Spar / Skin / Strut / Longeron / Ribs / etc.
- Secondary Structure Patch - Cowling / Faring /
- Flight Control Repairs - Doublers / Re-Skin

Typical Simple Major Alteration (form 8110-3 in support of 337).

- Update your Instrument Panel
- Remote Oil Cooler / Oil Filter Installations
- Starter / Battery / Alternator Installations
- Wheel & Brake / Taiulwheel Retrofits
- Substitution of non-standard Fixed-Pitch Propeller- McCauley / Sensinich / others...
- All Vintage Makes & Models J-3 / Taylorcraft / Luscombe / Ercoupe / Champ and many more.  Call to see if your alteration qualifies as a simple major. 254-715-4773

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Electronic Engine Analyzer Installation
JP Instruments / Electronics International / Shadin / Floscan / others...
Single-Engine or Twin-Engine

Odyssey Battery Installation
Aeronca Champ / Taylorcraft / Stinson / Piper

Remote Oil Filter Installation
Continental O-200 / C90 / C85 / C75

60-amp Alternator for Early Cessna 172 (O-300 Continental)
Large Ford Frame style alternator from Cessna 150

McCauley 1B90 Propeller Installation on J3C65 with Cont. O-200A
Drawing and DER Approval available