Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Many have asked... Can I Customize my Antique Airplane?  

The  short answer is most likely YES.
The longer answer is "Lets look at the details and the cost and see if its worthwhile".   

At CAP, we try to provide certification services that Vintage Airplane owners and operators really want, but have a hard time finding the legal paperwork to do. We have been at this long enough to have learned a lot of ways to approach these things.  We have collected engineering data too from many sources. And we've developed some analysis and test methods to address certain requirements.  So you might be surprised how affordable we can get the job done.  Of course, there are regulations and limits to what can be approved.  But we try to approach every job with optimism, to see if there's a way.   If so, Terry Bowden the Vintage DER, can help.

The best way to approach this is for you to provide us with a list of all the changes you are trying to make legal.

Airplane make / model / serial no. or registration no.

Engine model
Propeller model
Engine mount (short or long)
Exhaust configuration (original/luscombe/hanlon wilson/etc.)
Fuel system configuration (nose only/nose + wing tanks/etc.)
Starter (yes/no) - if yes, make and model
Generator (yes/no) - if yes, make and model

Alternator (yes/no) - if yes, make and model
Battery (yes/no) - if yes, make and model
List of equipment by make and model (if applicable) such as radios, lights, brakes

Remember, just tell us what's been changed from the original TC approved configuration.  Once you provide the list, we can go through it and give you a price for the approved paperwork.

Terry is a second generation Lifetime member of the Antique Aircraft Association.